About Us

Atelier  Hayk Avanesyan specializes in individual tailoring of women's luxury clothing. The Atelier’s main task is to emphasize the uniqueness, taste and special status of each client. The brand combines elegance and style, femininity and sophistication, classic style and modern ideas. Manual work is under particular attention of the atelier.

Hayk Avanesyan brand was created in April 2011. The same year, in June, the brand became the winner in the nomination “Discovery of the Year” in the “Royal Style” award, held with the support of the European Quality Committee.

The prize was awarded to companies leaders of the year in the Luxury area.

Hayk Avanesyan is the the founder of the brand. While studying at the university, Hayk developed his own style and was the first in the CIS who defended his thesis on "Analysis and research of the Haute Couture collection in order to predict fashion". 

Hayk Avanesyan is aware of all fashion trends and can gracefully and easily emphasize beauty with the help of details.

Admirers of the Fashion House Hayk Avanesyan are many representatives of Ukrainian and Russian elite, TV star,  

show business and sports, politics and culture.  Hayk Avanesyan features popular singers  - Vera Brezhnev, Bianca, Tina Kotol, Sati Casanova, Anna Sedokova,  Erica Herceg, actresses - Maria Gorban, Elena Sokminskaya, Anna Churina, Nadezhda Sisoeva,TV presenters - Katya Osadcha, Regina Todorenko, Lesya Nikityuk, Daniela Souza  and many others, are among the admireres of Hayk Avanesyan Fashion House.